T-Minus 4 Days!

The time has come.  In only 4 days, I will be hitting the road!  Let’s take a look at the schedule I posted in my first blog post and see where we stand (updates in red):

  1. June 22 — Return from China. Check!
  2. June 25 — Get over jet-lag from China (even though I don’t really believe in jet-lag). Check!
  3. June 26 — Scour Craigslist for a Harley (anyone have any suggestions??). Check!  Well, I ended up getting some amazing help from Alan at Caliber Imports (http://bit.ly/PZKCQ3) and bought an ’04 Sportster 1200R from him.  She rides great!
  4. July 4 — Completely unrelated, but post my new YouTube video: Secrets of the US One Dollar Bill (www.youtube.com/iamdanzinn). It’s been posted and viewed over 1000 times already.  Check it out! (http://bit.ly/O9U84r)
  5. July 20 — Buy a Harley. Here she is!

    On my new Harley ’04 Sportster 1200R, next to my dad’s ’02 Heritage Softail

  6. August 3 — Put on Mustang seat, windshield, oil change, new tires (probably), etc. to get ready for the ride. The bike came with a touring seat and windshield. I still need to go to Harley to get a luggage rack and sissy bar (so I can use my sissy bar bag).  I’ll do that tomorrow (Sept. 5).
  7. August 13 — Dentist appointment (come on, give me a break. I’ve been living in China for a year.  This is a must). Teeth look great!
  8. August 14 — Practice ride from NYC, through the Adirondack Mts, across Lake Champlain, and finishing at my parent’s house in Burlington, VT (about 300 miles). Check!  My dad and I rode up together on Route 7 through NY, CT, MA, and VT.  It was a blast!
  9. August 30 — Win the Decath-a-Zinn competition for the 5th straight year (my brother, dad, and I compete in a decathlon of made up events). Noooooo!!!! Somehow, someway, Dad had a huge showing and upset the reining 4 time champ by clinching the 2012 title after only 8 events.  Congrats dad!  Enjoy it now, because I’ll be back ready to go next year…
  10. August 31 — Ride back to NY. Check!  Jason (my brother) rode Dad’s bike back and the two of us took Route 22.  Here’s a pic of Jason and my new travel buddy (we stopped at the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. on the way).  I still have to name him, any suggestions?!
  11. September 1 — Go to my friend Matt and Marielle’s wedding (I missed 2 weddings while in China, not gonna miss this one). It was on September 2, but Check!  Great wedding.  Congrats guys!!
  12. September 2 — Recover from wedding. Check (on September 3)!
  13. September 3 — Get packed. Still a work in progress
  14. September 4 — Hit the road north, headed for Maine and the wild unknown of the rest of the trip. I’ve postponed the start date of the trip by a few days.  I’m now going to be leaving on Saturday, September 8.  The plan for the first couple of days is to ride out to the tip on Long Island and take a ferry over to CT.  From there, I will drive northeast into RI where I’ll be spending my first night camping with an old friend.  I’ll leave early Sunday morning and head to Boston and then on to Acadia National Park in Maine.
  15. September 5 – November 30 — Ride around this great country of ours, flipping a coin to figure out where to go next.  The only lynchpin stops being Acadia National Park (Maine), Seattle (Washington), San Diego (California), Key West (Florida), and New York (New York). Can’t wait to begin on Saturday! T-minus 4 days!!