Spoiler Alert — Made it to Washington, D.C!

Well, according to the blog, I have been on the road for 15 days, am currently in Montana, and have traveled just shy of 5000 miles.  In real life, however, I’ve now been on the road for 50 days, have hit nearly 40 states, have traveled over 13,500 miles, and am currently braving out Hurricane Sandy in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

I still have a week to go before the election, so you can be sure I’ll have some time to tour the sights of DC as well as catch up on the blog.  In the meantime, before I write the actual stories, I figured it was about time I gave you a quick summary and teaser for what’s to come in the next month of blog posts:

  • Made it to Seattle and the west coast on September 23, where I finally got the bike fixed.  I also managed to get pulled over for speeding (for the first time on the trip, but certainly not the last…)

    Pulled over by a motorcycle cop in Seattle for doing 73 in a 60

  • Fished for salmon in Portland
  • Drove through the Redwoods of northern CA
  • Lost my hard drive in Eureka, CA and had to wait in LA for 4 days until it would arrive in the mail
  • Bike broke down again in Malibu
  • Fell in love with The City of Angels
  • Made it to San Diego on October 3.  Tried to surf.  Didn’t work out so well
  • Got the bike fixed again.  The people at San Diego Harley Davidson were extremely nice and fixed it for free
  • Went to the Grand Canyon, camped at an abandoned mine shaft with some awesome people in New Mexico, and ran from the border patrol in Texas
  • Completed the Iron Butt Challenge (www.ironbutt.com) by riding 1073 miles in just over 20 hours (Laredo, TX –> Brownsville, TX –> San Antonio, TX –> Austin, TX –> New Orleans, LA)
  • Woke up next to a Tiger
  • Got in a scuffle on Bourbon Street
  • Toured some cotton and peanut fields in Georgia
  • Met up with my brother and rode down with him to the southernmost point of the continental US in Key West through torrential rain
  • Met up with some of my best friends in the world in Jacksonville
  • Met up with some old friends in Charleston, Atlanta, and Raleigh before making it to my cousins/aunt/uncle’s place in Williamsburg, VA

    Jesse figured out how to escape it appears

  • Took pictures of ghosts in Colonial Williamsburg

    Supposedly that white dot thing is an energy orb trying to materialize

  • Drove through Hurricane Sandy and made it to Washington, DC on October 28!

5 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert — Made it to Washington, D.C!

  1. Wow, awesome job Dan! Congrats. Sounds like you had an awesome time. You did your iron butt in the same region as I did! Just the opposite direction, I went middle of Texas towards San Diego, made it just past 10:30pm, and apparently I looked like the walking dead.

    • Haha yeah I was definitely not in the best shape either when I stumbled into the hostel I was hoping to get a room in at 8:30 in the morning after having driven all night (for some reason I thought it a good idea to start the trip at 12:30pm the previous day). But somehow I managed to make it!

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