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  1. dan, I work w/your brother Jason-he’s one of my Sunrise PD favs. I too had a Harley 1200 Sporstste”R” w/ a Screaming Eagle stage 1 kit loved that bike out of the 40 I’ve owned. You are now living my dream and with a nice sized tent also. Have fun pal, an oh yes be sure to check your oil as they use a lot during break in and you probably need a new batt. or alternater. Stay cool and watch out for people turning left in front of you, always use the high beam. You will love the Pacific Coast Hgy(PCH)–see you upon return, jim guarino

    • Hey Jim,

      Thanks for the comment and for following along! I’m loving the sportster so far, but definitely need a new battery (hopefully not alternator).

      I’ll be in your area by the end of October if all goes to plan. Jason and I (and Ry too I believe) are planning on riding out to key west together. Would love to have you join us if you’re interested! We can get a biker gang together for the ride.

      Either way, looking forward to meeting you in about a months time.

      • The ride to Key West is considered one of Fl’s best–Have done it by aBMW cycle and a Morgan sports car–really beautiful views, but enjoy those mountains and curvey roads-keep your high beam on at all times and watch out for those left turners in front of you-take care, jim guarino

      • Hey Jim,

        I had not been riding with my high beams on, but I will definitely start to. Makes sense since the more visible, the better. Thanks for the tip!

        With regards to the left-turners, a friend of mine just posted these tips on his blog to help avoid the common “Smidsy” accident. Pretty informative, and I know I will definitely be implementing these tips for the rest of my ride!

        Thanks again!

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